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Refill Set Belgian Pale Ale

Belgian Pale Ale is a golden and fruity blonde beer with floral notes. Belgian Pale Ale is usually slightly fruity, spicy and medium to slightly hoppy. These beers can also develop beautiful floral aromas. Bitterness, acidity and sweetness are perfectly balanced.With an alcohol content that is usually between 4 and 7%, they are considered "everyday" beers.
This is the Refill Set. You can also find the complete beer brewing set including fermentation container and other utensils in our shop.


  • 1 complete brewing guide
  • 1 bag of sterilizer (50g)
  • 1.28kg of crushed barley malt (Pilsen, Munich)
  • 6g Styrian Golding hop pellets
  • 8g Saaz hops in pellets
  • 1 bag of T58 yeast (4.5g)

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