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Yerba Mate Tea Set


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The Yerba Mate Tea Set contains everything you need to drink mate in the traditional way it is consumed in Argentina or Uruguay, so you can feel like you are drinking a mate tea in the bustling streets of Buenos Aires.

You get Un Mate, a mate cup with double steel walls that keeps your yerba mate tea warmer for longer and prevents you from burning your hands.

The set also includes Bombilla Un Mate 1.0, a flat Bombilla straw that filters the tea and prevents the leaves from passing through. Its design also allows it to be used as a spoon.

The yerba mate included in this starter set is Taragui. This product comes from the largest yerba mate plantation in the world and is called one of the best. The smooth taste, low bitterness and moderate intensity of this mate tea complete the starter set.

And last but not least, a cleaning brush for the bombilla to keep the drinking straw shiny.


  • Start drinking mate tea the traditional way.
  • Mate cup, straw and cleaning brush
  • 250g yerba mate tea

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