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Ceramic Sharpening Rod Duo


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Ceramics are harder than knife steel. Even grandmother knew that and therefore liked to pull the kitchen knives off the edge of the porcelain plate to sharpen the blades.

Sharpening is easier and more professional with this high-quality Ceramic Sharpening Rod Duo. Thanks to its patented 2-in-1 technology, it meets all the requirements for sharpening European and Japanese knives. It has two ceramic sharpening surfaces with different grit sizes. With the blue surface, European knives become extremely sharp again in no time. The white surface is perfect for sharpening Japanese knives and for fine honing European knives. Run the knife along the sharpening surface at an angle of about 15-20° with light pressure. A few passes are already enough. You can tell if you "hit" the cutting edge by the noise, which should sound softly sandy (not loud and scraping).

In contrast to sharpening steels, the sharpness of ceramic sharpening rods is not only achieved by straightening the blade, but also by material removal. If you use the sharpening rod regularly, there is no need for a new basic sharpening. Over time, metal abrasion accumulates on the sharpening surfaces and leaves visible traces, but these do not impair functionality. You can occasionally clean the ceramic with the roughened side of the pot sponge with a damp cloth.
The sharpening rod does not need to be watered before use, but the knives will be even sharper if the rod is used wet.


  • Ceramic sharpening surface in two grit sizes.
  • Blue with 360 grit (European) or 800 grit (Japanese)
  • White with 1.000 grit (European) or 3.000 grit (Japanese)
  • Sanding surface: 26 x 1.7 x 1.3 cm
  • Total length: 38.5 cm

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