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Moya Matcha Tea Set


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This Moya Matcha Tea Set consists of 30g of Moya Matche tea, a Matchawan tea cup and a tea whisk, the so-called Chasen.

The high-quality organic Moya Matcha tea comes from the first and second harvest. It has an intense green colour, a balanced bittersweet, mild tea taste. It is suitable for drinking in its traditional form as well as for making matcha lattes, smoothies and cocktails.

The Matchawan drinking bowl was handmade on a potter's wheel and is made of grey clay with a delicate addition of fireclay and glaze according to centuries-old Japanese tradition.

Matchawan is a traditional vessel used in the Japanese tea ceremony. It is also by far the most convenient vessel for drinking matcha, which is best whisked with a bamboo whisk (called a chasen). Thanks to the vertical walls of the tea bowl and the wide base, you can easily and comfortably "whisk" the matcha in the water and quickly get a layer of foam on the surface.

The broom is made from a single piece of bamboo. Precise incisions and appropriate tying with cotton threads create delicate bamboo links that, thanks to their shape, produce a jasper foam when Matcha is whisked. With a chasen, one makes W- or M-like movements in the bowl. This allows the matcha to combine well with the water and creates a suspension. A layer of foam should appear on the surface of the tea. The perfect foaming of the tea is possible thanks to the elastic bamboo links of the Chasen broom. These limbs are gently curved at the bottom and gathered together at the top, merging into a special wooden handle.

Matchawan was specially made in a limited series for MOYA by the ceramic studio KOOE from Krakow.


  • Starter set for the preparation of matcha.
  • Perfect gift for Japan lovers and for all budding followers of the "Chado" way of tea.
  • The set contains the following items:
  • Moya Matcha Traditional Tea 30g
  • Matchawan - Matcha bowl made of ceramic
  • Chasen - Matcha whisk made of bamboo
  • Capacity: 400 ml
  • Height: approx. 7.5-8.5 cm Diameter: approx. 10.5-11.5 cm.
  • Country of origin: Poland

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